Deliveries: a package tracker, follow your orders from the Mac

Tracking Problems in USPS

One of the utilities that are used more today is the one of “to persecute of some form” the purchases, packages or whatever they send us to our house by means of messenger. This before was not so common since few dared to make purchases in the network of USPS, now the market of buying internet sale is growing more and it is normal to make purchases from our Mac, iPad or iPhone through applications, in web pages , etc via USPS . Once we make the purchase to keep track of our orders there are different options on USPS , from the carrier’s own website to the pages where we bought the product or the applications of the Mac App Store. In this case let’s talk about one of these applications, . In this case Deliveries offers US tracking of about 30 transportation companies including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link, Royal Mail, DPD or used by Amazon, among others. It also offers full sync with the universal app for iOS devices thanks to iCloud and has support for 3D Touch since the last version of iOS.

On the other hand we have to highlight another of these applications for tracking packages in US that we talked about long ago and that works the same or better than Deliveries because it adds Spanish transport companies like SEUR, NACEX, ChronoExpress and many others. It is certain that many already know it and it is called Parcel . Another advantage of Packages over Deliveries is that Parcel is free by adding a payment option to be able to add options: track more than 3 submissions, receive push notifications, delete ads and have a web access, all for $ 1.99 a year.

Recently an User complained about

Bought a package on ebay 2 months ago (3 cds were), tracking type LC … US (without international tracking), the last thing the USPS Tracking page says is this: Processed through USPS Sort Facility Your item was processed through Our CHICAGO, IL 60666 facility on March 28, 2012 at 1:24 pm. No further information is available for this item. On March 28 they sent it according to that, almost 2 months passed, and I received no notification that it is stuck in customs or anything, I call Argentine mail (4891-9191) and they treat me quite badly, saying that it is not their problem , Contact the USPS and complain with the tickek (please do so by the person who sent it). I’ve been reading a lot on the internet, and most places say that nothing can be done. Do I have a way of knowing where my package is? Or if I stay in customs go to remove it somehow without proof?

So USPS Didn’t respond this issue however the guy managed to track shipments Via Using his USPS tracking number.

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