Donald Trump admits Russia could interfere in US elections

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Europe embraces panda diplomacy in front of Donald Trump
“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive”
US President Donald Trump today backed from Warsaw NATO’s obligation to defend allied countries against attacks after refusing to do so during the last alliance summit in Brussels. Trump declared himself “committed” to the defense of central and eastern Europe and proclaimed that the fundamental question of our time is “whether the West has the will to survive.” Trump criticized Moscow’s “destabilizing” activity in Ukraine or other countries and Called for them to stop supporting “hostile regimes” like Syria and Iran. He also urged Moscow to support the West in the face of the “common enemy” – international Islamist terrorism. Before, during a press conference with his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, the US president has admitted that Russia could have interfered in the 2016 election that gave him victory over Hillary Clinton: “I think it could have been Russia, too Many people have interfered, and this has been happening for a long time. ” Trump, who has a difficult appointment tomorrow at the G20 meeting in Hamburg (Germany) urged NATO allies in Europe to spend more on their armies. And he used to make a comparison with Poland, which meets the agreed goal of 2% defense spending. The US president put Poland as an example of “courage” and “struggle” in the defense of Western values. “A strong Poland is a boon to Europe, and a strong Europe is a blessing to the world,” Trump said. “We are working with Poland in response to Russia’s actions, and we are grateful for the example that Poland has established as one of the few nations that actually fulfills its financial obligations [to NATO].” “The United States is committed to securing alternative energy sources” for Eastern Europe, so that this region will never again be “held hostage by a single energy supplier,” Trump stressed in his speech in Warsaw. The United States “will never use energy to compel other countries to do something, nor will it allow others to do so.” Poland expects to receive regular supplies of liquefied gas from the United States soon, which will allow the energy diversification of Central and Eastern Europe and depend less on Russia. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zajarova reacted by wondering when Russia has not fulfilled its energy commitments with any country. The first shipment of liquefied gas by sea to Poland took place last March and “was a success,” the Polish president said. This “paves the way for new long-term contracts.” For a moment it seemed that Trump had found in Poland – cool, nationalist and conservative – all the European heat that an American protectionist ‘outsider’ needs. “Family, freedom, nation and God,” was the old recipe with which he said goodbye to the central Krasinksi square in Warsaw, where a crowd chanted his name and the acronyms that give his country a name. Since winning the elections in 2015, the Polish Law and Justice Party (PiS) has been criticized by Western governments for its authoritarian bent and for its opposition to accepting Muslim immigrants. “Like Poland will not be cracked, the West will not be cracked either, our values will prevail,” Trump told the Polish president.

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