DVD Shrink Guide (Version 2.3)

DVDShrink GUIDE (have to create a new one..hold your horses)

dvdshrink download English mirror [366KB] version 2.3 released June 15, 2003freeware
Japanese 2.3 | French 2.3

Welcome to MR.Bass.Until I write a new guide for 2.3check out the excellent help included with dvdshrink and also Doom9’s DVDShrink 2.x Guide shows how to do main movie only and 1:1 copy.

DVDShrink Flash Walkthrough 1.03 (June 2003) for total newbies. It attempts to show just how easy using DVDShrink really is without all the technical jargon.
Flash tutorial made with Wink

Thanks to dvdshrink (the author) for making a awesome and free program. If you don’t read through the FANTASTIC included help then your nuts because it’s some of the best documentation I’ve ever seen for dvd related software.

DVDShrink or DVDToolbox to Stream Strip Main Movie Only
This is for 100% Video Quality….no compression

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Version 2.3 – 14 June 2003

— Fixed bug in re-author module which occurred in certain DVDs with a strange PGC structure. This bug caused dvd player to freeze or lockup at specific points in the movie.
–Added support for 64bit file sizes.
–Added support for opening files generated by IFOEdit software.
–Fixed bug which caused analysis to crash if input video stream is corrupt.
–Attempt to make “Remapping VOBS” stage more reliable, even if there are errors on original DVD.
–Added automatic “retry” (4 retries) if read from disk fails.
–Fixed error in .IFO file output: vtsi_mat_ea, vts_tmapt_ea.
–Fixed bug where video could be corrupted in some rare situations (vobu containing more than one sequence header).
–Tweaked video encoder module, now slightly faster.
–Fixed bug in “Still Pictures” mode, picture temporal reference is now set correctly, and sequence end code is always written.
–Added “Total Processing Time” information to finish dialog.
–Added support in “Preferences” for combining titles which overlap or share the same video in the DVD View. This prevents confusion where a compression level applied to one title also affects another, because they share the same video.
DVD Shrink 2.1 uses a completely different compression algorithm which is not comparable to 2.0. It dynamically determines which picture types to modify depending on the compression required, and it does this for each and every picture in the movie. It supports “partial” reduction, where only a small number of blocks in each picture are reduced, and it attempts to distribute the resulting compression uniformly among all pictures, in such a way that the error introduced by this compression does not “propagate” or amplify as playback continues. —dvdshrink

Note: I put in the bold. IMHO video quality looks significantly better than 1.03 or 2.0.