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FtOS App for IOS

The FtOS app Store has a lot but not everything. You can find some really cool apps there. But, sometimes you want more. For instance, you may be looking for a hacked game or a utility app like screen recording application.You can get it all using the third-party app store called FtOS for iOS 11/10/9+ . It is a huge repository of all kinds of hacks, tweaks, free premium apps, utility apps and a lot more.We will learn how to install ftOS on iPhone/iPad without jailbreaking iOS.

On iPhone products, there are a number of features that empower iPhone users with superior features and enhancements to support you. Most recently, the company announced a new application for users of its product line is FTOS application that allows you to install game applications while your phone is not yet jailbroken. So you know the application or not, or know the utility or superior features of this software bring you or not. If you do not know, you can refer to the article below to better understand this software on your device right away.

If you want to use the applications or utilities of the IOS product line, most of your phone must be jailbroken but with FTOS application will support the machine is not yet jailbroken. By using this application, you can download and use game applications when your computer is not jailbroken.

FTOS App Download and Install

Installing this app is pretty easy. All you need is a compatible iOS(iPhone)device with internet connection. Although mobile network data would work we recommend using Wi-Fi for faster download. Once you have installed the FtOS store, it will be easier to download apps from it over Wi-Fi. Follow the steps given below.

Users can install fTOS app by opening this link in Safari on iOS 10 – 10.3 mobile device

Step 1: Open Mobile Safari Browser (must be Safari)

Step 2:  Now go to the URL which is given here https://ftios.vn/install.

Step 3: Tap “install” on the screen

Step 4:  This will install the profile and the FTOS app download on your home screen

Step 5:  Once the profile has been installed it will need to be trusted.  If it’s the first time installing FTOS on this device complete steps 7-8.  Otherwise, you may skip to step 9. 

Step 7:  Open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management

Step 8: Tap the “FTOS” profile from here tap “trust” in center of page

Step 9: Now you can open  FTOS App from the home screen to use.

Step 10:  Find “Paid Apps Free” by tapping the “ftStore” category in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Now that you have decided to get some cool third-party applications for your iOS, let’s learn how to install and download this incredible application on your device. FtOS app store is a fairly new marketplace and hence we have to be sure which device it is compatible with.

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