How to Delete Sent Messages on Whatsapp

Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp: How can you delete sent messages on WhatsApp, We have already posted many WhatsApp related tips & tricks in this blog. But this is one of the best WhatsApp trick you may ever seen anywhere. You can delete your sent WhatsApp messages from both of the phones, your & message receiver’s phone instantly. This feature was already available in other apps like Whatsapp Plus. But WhatsApp is now here with this feature also. Deleting send messages on WhatsApp can be used on any of the smartphones.

You can use this trick to shock your friends. The step by step process is specially for those, who send messages on WhatsApp to other people in hurry, & send wrong message to them. For example you want to send a message to your best friend, unfortunately sent it to some other friend. So in this situation, you feel little awkward there is an option to you can recall the message instantly. Even if your friend or someone seen the message, you can recall it with this tutorial. So let’s follow some of the easy steps now from below to know more about how can you delete send messages on WhatsApp without any worries.

Download And Install Whatsapp On Your Phone

  1. WhatsApp App on your phone from here.
  2. Now click on Install WhatsApp on android device just like any other app.
  3. After Successfully Install WhatsApp, simply open it.
  4. Now Send message to any person from your WhatsApp Account (From WhatsApp).
  5. Long press on whatsapp Message, & then Click on menu button Select Recall option.
  6. It will ask you Recall this message Click on RECALL option to recall your Whatsapp message.
  7. You are done, The message will no longer available to see for both of you.

  • Long press on Message, Click on menu button & Select Recall option.

  • In that menu bar It will ask you to Recall this message? Click on RECALL button to recall the message.

  • & you are done, The message will no longer available to see for both of you.

This is very easiest way which you could use on your smartphone for delete sent messages on WhatsApp. This way was pretty cool and this option is available on officially by WhatsApp. So lets enjoy this awesome feature delete sent messages on WhatsApp.