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History was created, the first batch of women pilots in IAF fighter squad

Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh and Bhawna Kanth — the three women pilots who were inducted into the IAF fighter squad
Avani Chaturvedi, Mohana Singh and Bhawna Kanth — the three women pilots who were inducted into the IAF fighter squad

Hyderabad at Hakimpet Air Force Academy located in the presence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today after the passing out parade three women pilots in the military as a pilot fighter planes involved. These three women pilots Avni Chaturvedi, beguile old and are feeling neck. The three female pilots have completed six months of training. On the occasion of International Women’s Day three was announced to train fighter pilots. These three young women graduate in engineering, has completed initial training. Now they will be one-year advanced training in Bidar, Karnataka. Then they will become skilled at flying fighter planes.

Registering his name in the history of the Indian Air Force, the country’s three daughters are being trained to wreak havoc on enemies these days. Kant first sense to become a fighter pilot, Avni Chaturvedi and beguile Singh on June 18 will be formally commissioned in the Air Force. What did three dream …
Dreamed of flying like a bird in the air feeling
a sense of Bhagalpur in Bihar Kant dreamed since childhood of flying in the sky. She says that I always wanted to fly in the air like birds. This dream has inspired me to join the Air Force. After completing the first stage of the training, I had the opportunity to go to the fighter stream. It was the biggest opportunity of my life.
Avani wants to fly fighter planes are the best
to become the first fighter pilot in the state of women’s Avni Chaturvedi. Avni is a B. Tech in Computer Science. The army officer’s life was the INSPIRE. As a result, he joined the Air Force. Avni says that my dream of becoming a great fighter pilot, to fly during a live operation seniors can count on me. I am the best fighter aircraft to fly. Am learning something every day for it.
Father wants to serve the country beguile
were trained to fly fighter planes, a resident of Vadodara in Gujarat third woman beguile Singh. Her father and mother are teachers in the Air Force. Continuing the family tradition, he wants to serve the country.
The stated just before the helicopter and transport plane was Mahilaann
1,500 Air Force women who are working in different departments. Since 1991, helicopter and transport aircraft making Mahilaann but kept them away from the fighter planes. Prime Minister and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar women had decided to place in the cockpit of fighter aircraft.

Nearly a year after which it will be the first female pilots Udhaagin fighter jets. IAF chief Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha today are also present in the program. Currently, more than 1,500 women in the Air Force transport planes and helicopters fly about a hundred of them are just.

The government gave the approval to include a female pilot in the Air Force

In October last year, the Government of India female fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force was approved to include. Indeed, since 1991, women in the air force of helicopters and transport aircraft are being mocked. But the fighters were kept away from them. The three women combat pilots training today, on June 18 of the first stage is finished. On the same day he was sent to the second stage where they ceremonially at the Air Force Academy trainer Hank and aircraft a year will receive training hard. On the occasion, the Air Force (commission)

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