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New aviation policy approved by the Cabinet, will be able to Rs 2500 for 1 hour travel

International flight operations at the new aviation policy has been easier to start.
International flight operations at the new aviation policy has been easier to start.

The Cabinet has approved the new aviation policy. On Wednesday, at a meeting chaired by Minister decided. Under the new policy, Rs 2500 for passengers traveling more than an hour will not hire. Airlines the government will subsidize the cost of more than Rs 2,500. The new policy and what is special …
– 30 minutes more than Rs 1200 for air travel will not hire.
– Low caste airport will be promoted.
– Regional Airlines special care will be taken.
– Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs) will focus on.
International flights will make it easier for new companies to start
– International flight operations at the new aviation policy has been easier to start.
– 0/20 in the new policy, the government has changed the rules 5/20.
– International flight services only if the company could yet when he was to be operational for at least 5 years in the domestic market. Also he is at least 20 aircraft fleet.
– The new policy has been over 5 years subject. This will benefit companies like AirAsia.
– After the 20 aircraft in the domestic market without any experience of the companies directly International flights will begin.
After 18 months, policy discussion
– In the last 18 months, after several rounds of inter-ministerial discussion was the final policy. In October 2015, the government had to revise the draft policy.
– The policy of the government plan for air travel in the country is to develop an ecosystem.
– The government hopes the new policy since coming to 30 million annually by 2022, will sell air tickets. By 2027 this figure will be 50 million tickets.
Emphasis on enhancing regional connectivity
– New aviation policy has been focused on increasing the regional connectivity. The Government’s proposed scheme Airlines is a regional connectivity.
– Government Affordability per hour for flight on the route laid limit of Rs 2,500. However, it is said that the new policy to limit the damage to the airline will refund 80 per cent of the government.

1. The 5/20 rule over foreign investment in the aviation sector will grow. India is the world’s leading aviation companies can enter, which will directly benefit as FDI. 2. concrete plans for regional connectivity, the government incentive is offered, such as small towns will boost air connectivity . 3. the government seeks to reduce the distance to the fair price caps. This move will increase the air passengers. 4. The government has offered subsidies to air fares, necessary for him to take funds from other sectors, said, This means that cross-subsidies. In such a way the government does impose surcharges, will have an impact on the Airfare. However, it is certain that the arrival of new passenger facilities fulfillment.

Modi, in a meeting chaired by the new policy is approved.
Modi, in a meeting chaired by the new policy is approved.

The new proposal: Flight cancellation charge will decrease and luggage fees, refunds will be higher
Air passengers may soon come good days. Centric passengers to change civil aviation ministry recently proposed new rules are designed. It has invited suggestions via their website. The proposal was implemented on the ticket cancellation refunds will more flyers. During this journey, luggage fees will reduce the carry-on luggage. Flight cancellation or alternate flight will be given more compensation. Just get a refund on cancellation up to Rs 4,000. This can be increased to 10 thousand rupees.
The ministry made the proposal Why?
– Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju told Saturday’s press conference about the proposal.
– They said they were getting complaints from passengers on Flight Cancellation refunds do not get much. Their complaints are not resolved within 15 days. Circular on improving transport for all airlines is designed proposal.
Passengers can get to the 3 major relief
# 1 refunds on cancellation
– Cancellation refunds on tickets over the Base fair, but the cancellation will not be charged more than the basic fare.
– Additional charge on cancellation to be taken.
– If cancellation occurs 24 hours before departure so the compensation amount of Rs 10 may be increased to.
– Special conditions or cancel a flight due to over booking at compensation up to Rs 20 thousand.
– passengers want to cash refunds or credits will be able to decide themselves.
– compensation for 15 days from date of ticket booking passengers found inside.
– two weeks ago, the cancellation will not be refunded if the information is provided.
– now passengers on the flight delays are paid Rs 2,000 to 4,000.
Alternative compensation in case of flight # 2
– According to the new proposal, if the flight cancellation is announced 24 hours before the flight and the replacement is arranged, basic fair compensation in case of 200% or up to Rs 10 thousand.
– 24 hours after the cancellation of the Alternative compensation if a flight is being given basic fare is 400 per cent or Rs 20 thousand.
– the Fair will apply to all refunds, be it the promotional rate or special rate.
3 # 20 kg of luggage on the reduced charge

– 15 to 20 kg of luggage at Rs 100 / kg to be charged.
– So far, more than 15 kg of luggage on the airline Rs 300 / kg charge charge.
– Domestic flights only AI to take 25 kg luggage free permits. International flights can take 46 kg luggage free.

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