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Rajan refused to second term, devastating blow to Modi

Raghuram Rajan, whose three-year ends in September, has earned applause for his tough line on inflation.
Raghuram Rajan, whose three-year ends in September, has earned applause for his tough line on inflation.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote on Facebook, “Dr Raghuram Rajan, again on his current term ends in education have expressed the desire to go. The government appreciates the good work done and he respects his decision . soon will be judged on his successor. “

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said in a statement, ” Dr Raghuram Rajan, September 4, 2016 decision to step down after the end of the term, I am disappointed and very sad. With that I will not say that I am a bit late, is not surprised. ”

Chidambaram said the Indian government sniping, baseless accusations, and a great, childish attacks on academic economist invited by the situation.

He said, ‘I had said a few days ago that the government of Dr Rajan is not worth the loss of India.’In the Rajya Sabha, BJP MP Rajan Subramanian Swamy had criticized him and written to the Prime Minister seeking a second term had not.
After announcing Rajan Subramanian Swamy has said, ‘This is good, as opposed to his stay on board because I had all of them were legitimate. They had found out that the second term will not give evidence himself decided so. ‘
Swamy also said, “Raghuram Rajan, a government employee and government officials are not elected by popular vote.”

The Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan second term as governor has refused to take. This means that the September 3, 2016, the Raghuram Rajan will leave his assignment. RBI Governor Raghuram Govind Rajan’s statement after the current lull is all speculation. Raghuram Rajan RBI employees have informed via mail. Rajan said the central bank has written to his colleagues that he will retire in September, and they will return to academics.

RBI Rajan told his colleagues that he completed his term as governor on September 4 in the teaching field will return to the back. RBI in a mail sent to staff who have been released on the website of the central bank, Rajan said that after September 4th will not proceed with their current jobs. Raghuram Rajan, however, said that whenever the country needs me and I will be available to serve the country. He also expressed hope that the new governor of the country’s economic direction and the central bank will take to new heights. Rajan said inflation control, cleaning of banks balance sheets is not complete, but after extensive discussions and consultations with the Government on completion is decided.

Rajan expressed confidence that the government’s reform program and the work ahead of the central bank and other regulators in the coming years will accelerate growth and prosperity will be jobs for Indians. He expressed confidence that the new governor will be after me all the help you will take it to new heights. I will keep working with you and the next few months, but I thank you all in advance for your support and would like to work. Rajan wrote in the message that He is a good time working together.

Note that the recent removal of BJP MP Rajan Subramanian Swamy to consistently been saying. Rajan Subramanian Swamy had written to oust the Prime Minister. Owner, wrote to the Prime Minister under the CBI, RBI Governor SIT probe was also created. Modi later RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan Raghuram Rajan said the second term of the re-appointment of the media and the media is not interested should not.

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