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Arvind Kejriwal asks Delhi University to Make Narendra Modi’s Degree Public

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday urged Delhi University to make public Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BA degree.

Aravind Kejriwal Asks Narendra Modi’s Degree

In a letter to V.C Yogesh Tyagi, Kejriwal referred to Modi’s successive election affidavits which stated that he had a B.A (Bachelor of Arts) degree from Delhi University.

“It will be better if you put on the university website all the documents and certificates related to the PM’s degree,” Arvind Kejriwal said. The people of this country have a right to know how educated their prime minister is

Kejriwal then further goes to say that it raises a doubt whether Master of Arts (M.A) degree is fake or not. But the most explosive part of the letter comes after that. Kejriwal says, According to famous newspaper Prime Minister’s degree is ‘not safe’ and some ‘accident’ may happen. Hence, it raises doubtfulness if a ground is being made to ‘make an accident’. We urge you to take appropriate steps so that the documents and certificates are preserved properly. It will be better if such documents are all put on the website. People of the our country has the right to know that how educated is their PM and if there if such serious allegations are made, reality truth should come out.”

It is the latest in the round of salvos Delhi CM has taken to target PM Modi.Raising questions on PM Narendra Modi’s MA degree, Arvind Kejriwal in his letter said that it is a serious matter since the Gujarat University stated that PM Narendra Modi has done his MA from there. If he has not done BA, how did he get admission for M.A. This raise doubts over the validity of his Master of Arts (M.A) degree as well, Arvind Kejriwal said.

PM Narendra Modi’s election acknowledgment affidavit in the 2014 general election claimed he had undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

According to the acknowledgment affidavit he completed his distance education from D.U in 1978. His subject was Political Science.His affidavits for the 2012 and 2007 Gujarat assembly elections too made the same claim.The CIC (Central Information Commission) had on April 29 directed the University of Delhi and University of Gujarat to respond to all the RTI (Right to Information) applications regarding PM Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications.
The Central Information Commission (CIC) direction followed Arvind Kejriwal’s letter demanding that information related to PM Narendra Modi’s educational qualification should be made public.

G.U (Gujarat University) had on Sunday said PM Narendra Modi had an MA degree and had passed by 62.3 per cent as an external student of the varsity while Delhi University is yet to share any information.Earlier, the DU rejected to give information under RTI related to PM’s Narendra Modi’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.The university cited an inability to find information without a registration and roll number as reason for the denial.

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