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Apple will open stores in India, to know what the effect of 100% FDI

The Centre FDI (Foreign Direct Taxes) eased by 100 percent larger in terms of investment in the Indian economy was revolutionary steps. Defense, aviation and food approved 100 percent FDI in e-commerce. Besides, some important announcements have been in single-brand retail. Were beginning to show the impact of these announcements.

Apple sent a proposal to the Ministry of Commerce
World giant Apple in the Commerce Ministry has also sent a proposal for 100 per cent FDI. If the proposal is approved in its single-brand store will open Apple un- loading wildly in our country. India’s mobile market and will have a direct impact on consumers. Apple’s store has the more the rest of the more phones and Apple accessory market in the hands of consumers said. A side effect of the iPhone will have to stop black-marketing in our country and the people who sell the iPhone expensive black market to consumers via expensive phone they will not sell. Apple’s exclusive distribution network will expand in India on behalf of the consumer to easily determine the value of the company will be able to purchase the iPhone through the black market rather expensive. According to the Commerce Ministry to look into the proposal of Apple will be talking about the cradle of the new rules if they do not comply with the rules, then the decision will be taken next.

What is a single-brand stores, multi-brand store
Single-brand stores are stores where they sell products in a single company, ie, Apple single-brand store opens there only Apple will sell the phones and accessories. The multi-brand store where they occur on the same platform to sell products in many brands.

Tim Cook met Modi effect
Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited India. He also had a meeting with the Prime Minister. Tim Cook also told India the world’s largest mobile market.

Modi government at the Centre, taking important decision on foreign investment, foreign direct investment has made major changes in the FDI policy. Government Defence, Aviation, 100 per cent FDI in various sectors, including insurance and pensions approved.

Let us know, what would be the impact of the government’s decisions: –
1. India is now open for FDI in the world economy has become.
2. FDI inflows into the country will make the rules flexible.
3. 100 per cent FDI will create jobs on a large scale and increase the possibilities of new jobs.
4. 100 per cent FDI in the aviation sector, India can become a regional aviation hub.
5. Norms for FDI in single-brand retail in India is now being given to Apple stores will be opened.
6. However, 100 per cent FDI in defense and aviation sector Indian companies could sustain damage.
7. Single-brand retail for FDI way to simplify the IKEA-like furniture majors can benefit and will open their stores in India.

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