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Indian Govenrment Reject’s Apple Refurbished iPhones

Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently commented that Apple so views India as a nation with large market potential. He also cited India’s young population as being the driving main factor for the same.

Refurbished phones rejected by Indian Government

India are going to be the most populated country within the world in 2022. India nowadays has about fifty per cent of their population at twenty five years of age or younger. It’s a very young country. people actually need smartphones there,” Cook aforesaid during a CNBC interview.

India, that has been pushing a manufacturing sector by Make in India initiative to boost the competitiveness of its manufacturing industries, rejected the proposal citing rules against importing used Electronics & Automobiles.

India doesn’t encourage dumping or recycling of hazardous materials,” N Kaul, a spokesperson for telecommunication ministry aforesaid.AN Apple spokesperson in Singapore didn’t instantly reply to AN email seeking comment.

In India, Average smartphone sells for lesser than $150. by contrast, the newly launched iPhone SE sells for a suggested retail value of 39,000 rupees ($585) in India – it is much more higher than its USA value of $399 because of import duties and distribution prices.

Refurbished iPhones are usually devices that are returned by consumers or are repaired to factory condition after damage in it.

Apple’s proposal was opposed by domestic phone manufacturers WHO claim selling used iPhones would breach India’s anti-dumping & e-waste rules. the consumer electronics and Appliances Indian manufacturers Association had written to India’s telecommunication ministry to stall the move.

Apple is looking at India as a market that has potential to drive volumes for the Cupertino large in future and therefore taking steps to increase its operations. however unlike united states of America and China, India has been a highly price-conscious market with almost seventieth of the smartphone sales being below 150 Dollars .

He added, As a result, Apple’s higher priced iPhone portfolio has Limits Apple’s opportunities to grow at same pace as the market. In such a situation rejection to refurbished imports suggests that Apple’s presence in mid-budget smartphone segment are going to be limited or next to zero when iPhone 5s undergoes end of life within the coming back months. they need to discount iPhone six and SE to almost 400th to stay competitive within the mid-budget section going forward.

Apple had hoped that used iPhone sales would be an honest way to get a foothold in a country wherever its market share is simply two, and wherever 80th of phones price but $150. Its iPhone Upgrade Program within the USA gave the company a plentiful to supply of used phones that it might have sold-out at abundant lower price in India while not sacrificing margin, that should have seemed like the perfect planning.

Apple also reported its 1st revenue sales drop in thirteen years because the company credited with inventing the smartphone struggles with AN increasing saturated market. The company sales dropped huge by more than a quarter in China, its most important market After the united states of America and it also forecast another disappointing quarter for international revenues.

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