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Lenovo, Apple Stood as fastest growing smartphone in India

According ato latest analysis,Lenovo and Apple were the 2 smartphone brands that rose very fast in India in Q1, 2016.India’s smartphone market grows by 12% year every year, this time apple,lenovo stood as fastest growing smartphones vendors in India.Lenovo phones this year was really giving tough competition to major companies.

Apple,Lenovo Smartphones fastest growing brands in India

The top five vendors  till last year is Samsung  followed by Micromax, Intex, Lenovo and Lava. Lenovo grew very fast due to economical prices of the smartphones and mainly due to its value-for-money handsets. Established international brands BlackBerry, Sony,Microsoft and LG were the biggest losers as the market was low due to competative brands like Apple & Lenovo this year.In Previous years Samsung & Micromax kept grewing,but now due to apple and Lenovo they very lagged behind this year.

‘Over the past 1 and half year, India’s smartphone market had dramatic changes. The rise of online shopping made people to buy the smartphones online with economical prices.The peoples desire on higher-quality devices have all had a big impact.So Companies like Lenovo is trying to give competition to the International brands. ‘

Indian companies have struggled as incoming vendors have been quicker to address these trends,’

— said Ishan Dutt,

Lenovo vends  shipments rise by 63% on a yearly basis . where as Apple from its part rises over 56 %, even though it remains in 8th place in India, according to Canalys’.The growth for Apple is due to the price-cut for the iPhone 5s. This time Apple iPhone 5s  success in India has more to do now and most of users who couldn’t afford to buy iPhone had moved to Apple iPhone5s these times. The more expensive Apple SE models will discourage budget buyers in India.

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