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WhatsApp Video Calling roll out this year in next update

Whatsapp to add Video calling, NFC tags, Group invites and voicemail Whatsapp is all set to compete against “Skype” as Whatsapp users will soon be able connecting to their family members or friends with the help of new Facebook’s Whatsapp calling interesting feature. Since last year rumors were all around that Whatsapp will soon be adding the new video call feature to its feature list. New screen shots have been leaked which confirm these rumors.

WhatsApp has been working on adding various updates and features to its social messaging service. Earlier, Facebook’s WhatsApp was rumoured to add a callback, zip file sharing and voicemail support to the service. Now, a latest leak tips that the WhatsApp is planning to add video calls with other features.


Video calling
Rumors of WhatsApp adding video call support go as far back as last December, but the news has been escalating over the past few days with screenshots of the feature surfacing for beta Apple iOS users. Most importantly, though, users who help in translating WhatsApp to various languages have received new strings to translating, including Video calling and Video call is unavailable at this time.


New Voice Mail feature:


It has been a year that Whatsapp has added Voice calling feature. But since the 1st day nothing much has changed about it. The company is still working on to improve the voice calling feature as well. Till now in WhatsApp’s Voice calling feature if you are calling someone if the other party is not able to pick up the call, one doesn’t get to know whether the person actually disconnected the call or he/she did not pick. This is a major loophole in their voice calling feature but to eliminate this company has added a new Voice mail feature that enables one to leave a voice mail if in case another party is not able to pick the call.
It is different from the recording feature in the sense that one doesn’t have to cut the call, he can simply go back to the conversation and record their message by tapping on the microphone.
One has to wait a while for these features to be launched as there is no official announcement regarding the announcement of these features.

Group invites with links and NFC tags
Some users state that what they’ve seen in some of the screenshots is an option for NFC tags and group invites. Group invites can be sent through links or QR codes. The advantage of having this feature is easily perceived obvious. For example instead of having to manually add every person in a workplace to a group discussion or in your community, you can just send that one link and it will all be ok. This update can be found on the 2.16.67 latest version but it isn’t like just yet.

Zip and Vcf sharing
We all know that WhatsApp has implemented a document and data files sharing feature recently and that it only applied to PDF, TXT, Word and Excel document formats plus spreadsheets and Google drive docs. Well then, it’s rumored that WhatsApp will add support in the future for VCF and ZIP files according to Phone Radar.

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