The first lady of Poland “dodges” the hand of Trump

Again Trump has returned to be the protagonist of an “anecdote” during his visit to Poland, prior to his stay on Friday at the G20 Summit in Hamburg. In this case, apparently the first lady of Poland Agata Kornhauser-Duda seemed to dodge intentionally the hand of the American president and opts to go directly to the wife of exmagnate, Melania Trump.

Question of protocol? Later, before the face of astonishment and bewilderment that seems to be translucirse from the images, the first Polish lady shook the hand of Donald Trump that previously had already been fulfilled by the Polish head of state, Andrzej Duda.During his brief stay in Poland, Trump gave a speech in the central square of Krasinksi, where the monument against the Nazi occupation in Warsaw stands, stating that “we must all fight like the Poles for the family, the country and Oh my God”. In this line, the president added that “the West will never disappear, our values will remain and our civilization will be maintained”.

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