The meeting between Trump and Putin already saw her in House of Cards

The long-awaited meeting between the two leaders has left a picture stuck to a sequence starring Frank Underwood, the president of the United States best-known fiction

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Frank Underwood and Viktor Petrov. The parallels between the four leaders, some in fiction and others in reality, are the order of the day, especially for fans of the Netflix series ‘House of Cards’. The first encounter between the presidents of the United States and Russia of the real life has turned to viral a frame that has caused a deja vú among those that fans of the series.


The image, with Trump and Putin seated while the American extends his hand, has reminded the scene of the third season in which Frank Underwood and Viktor Petrov, represented by Kevin Spacey and Lars Mkkelsen, immortalize a stuck sequence.

But there have been those who have even claimed that Underwood and Petrov’s scene was already played by Canadian President Justin Trudeau with Donald Trump himself.The meeting between Trump and Putin, which lasted more than two hours (90 minutes longer than originally planned) has shown the harmony between the two leaders. In a break, the American said it was “an honor” to have the meeting, to which the Russian replied that he was “delighted to meet you personally.”

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