Top 10 Best Rooting Apps For Android – One Click Root Tool

Rooting Android comes with hundreds of benefits. Each and every day one of the most popular benefits is being able to download thousands of exciting new rooted apps.On a normal Android device, apps have to go through a rigorous certification process before they get listed on Google Play and other Android marketplaces.Some of the rooting applications are removed because they compete with apps already offered by the hardware manufacturer, while other rooting apps are removed because the hardware manufacturer simply doesn’t like them.

To help you get the most out of your rooted Android device, here are the top 10 best root apps for Android currently available to users of rooted Android devices.

King Root

KingRoot Apk is a rooting app developed in the APK file format and PC version. You can download and place it on your Android phone for free, click to root and then within minutes you will have a rooted device.

  • It is a trustworthy app that has been tested by many Android users and carefully programmed after years of development.
  • It offers fast and easier Android rooting experience for almost all Android devices.
  • The application cannot be hacked and coded to turn on its creators and brick them.


OneClickRoot lets you root your device very easily letting you access the full potential of your phone. It works in almost every Android phone including Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, etc. it is the only tool that has a full technical support. Due to some technical issues, the app has a rating of 2.1 out five stars.

  • It lets users access blocked features after the rooting
  • It may take a long time to root your device, and you will be forced to opt the manual rooting.
  • The app is not free.


While comparing to all other rooting applications Frama root is the best rooting tool running Android 2.3 to 4.2.2 in a single click. It comes with different versions, and you can choose the version you want during the installation. Out of 92 votes, the app has a rating of 3.6, and its success rate is good.

  • It comes with multiple exploits such, as, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, Faramir, Gollum, and Barahir.
  • It supports one click unroot.
  • Rooting your phone with Framaroot will void your device warranty.
  • It does not support Android 4.3 and above.


iRoot is one of the earliest, but popular one clicks root tool. It helps you to root your Android device in a single click. It helps you access blocked features, remove Ads in Apps, flash custom ROM & Kernel, and other functions after rooting. The app has a rating of 3.6.

  • In this, the data is not lost while processing the rooting.
  • iRoot allows more than 9000 rooting devices.
  • Your Android device warrant may be void after rooting it.

Root Genuis

The main feature of the Root Genius is a one-click tool designed to work on a Windows computer and in the Android devices. While using this rooting tool you can root your Android devices in a single click.

  • The main advantage of this tool supports one click rooting and it will list some functions on the screen after you have rooted your phone.
  • Root genius does not support the all the Android devices due to some failure of system functions.

Root Master

Most Android devices are secured with certain security software so that the devices are not harmed by external harmful software.  Thus the user gets a much clearer and better access and to gains full control of their devices.

  • New and updated application of Root Master also fixes bugs and improves the performance of your device. Frees memory and does much more.
  • It does not support all the Android devices.


Vroot is a rooting software developed by team Mgyun. You can download the tool with a free of cost with all the updated versions.Vroot Download needs a Windows PC helps as it is not available to directly download on Android. Vroot 1.7.8 is a now available but only in Chinese version, so users who need English language help can look for the previous Vroot 1.7.3 which is available in both Chinese and English versions.

  • Number Android devices that have got root privileged with Vroot is extremely high, and now Vroot is available under name iRoot in a different and refreshed interface targeting more crowd.

Baidu root

Baidu root is one kind of application system that is purely Chinese. Baidu root is a part of BaiduInc, a Chinese web company that is headquartered in Beijing, China. Although it is of Chinese development, it is easy to use. It can detect your device much as the English applications are able to do.

  • Baidu Root for Android is not just a program to increase the benefits from using it can control the root.

Towel root

Towelroot is another smart rooting software developed by Geohot. Thanks him this has become a trusted rooting application for thousands of Android users which is available in both PC and APK formats.

  • Towelroot is a small application most used by KitKat users but it can be recommended for any Android user for a convenient root.

Z4 root

There are a lot of Android rooting applications, in this Z4Root is another popular rooting application for Android operating phones and tablets. While comparing to other rooting applications like Root Master and Kingroot, Z4Root is much more convenient in the fact that it is 100% free on the app store. It is a light weight application and doesn’t require a lot of free space on your device. It is also downloaded easily and operated smoothly as well.

  • Comparing to other rooting applications it has a wide range of success ratio. It is free of ads and therefore you can use your phone or tablet without any hindrances.