How to Use Dual Whatsapp Account in One Phone

Dual Whatsapp Accounts in One Phone :

Dual Whatsapp Account : Today uses of Android smartphones is getting increased and many peoples are connected to internet with friend, family and their Relatives. Now a days most of the Smart phones are two or Dual sim device, It means now peoples need more than one or two things whichever it is like Facebook Account, Dual Whatsapp Account or other Multiple Whatsapp Account of any Whichever we are using our daily life. If you think how to Run Multiple Whatsapp Account or Dual Whatsapp Accounts in One Phone is difficult, Because of many users thinking that for using Dual Whatsapp in One phone need root mobile. But Now Here Solution Exist has find Best Solution for that, In this tutorial Solution Exist team give you step by step method of How to Install and Use 2 Whatsapp Account in one phone.

Dual Whatsapp in One Device

Features of Dual Whatsapp Accounts in One Phone :

We are intoduced an application named Gb Whastapp which is Best alternative of OGWhatsapp, MDWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp and all other Whatsapp mods. So just follow below simple step to run Dual whatsapp Accounts or multiple Whatsapp Account in one phone, This method is one of Simple, Easiest & 100% working method.By using this method you can get 2 Whatsapp Accounts or multiple Whatapp Accounts in one device .

  • Updated version to 2.17.223 (Based on Playstore)
  • No Need to Root your Device .
  • By using Multiple Whatsapp Accounts you will have more Privacy Options .
  • Anti Ban of Account .
  • Themes mods Enable .
  • Supported Video Calling Enable .
  • Zooming of Profile Picture using multiple Whatsapp Accounts in one phone.
  • View the media without loading
  • View the media without loading by 2 Whatsapp Accounts .
  • The possibility of hiding to appear .
  • Possible of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB .
  • Possible to sending 90 image at once without 10 by using 2 Whatsapp Accounts .
  • Possibility of sending an audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
  • Just click on links without storing the message sender or the number of the owner counter statistics for groups.

Install Dual Whatsapp in One Phone :

This one is one of the best and simplest one process steps to use Dual whatsapp. Before starting this lets check you must have an Android smartphone in Internet working condition. So lets Eye on magical moment steps.

  • Download Download Dual WhatsApp
  • First step is to download the  setup file of GBWhatsapp App [Dual Whatsapp] Apk, For that Solution Exist Team providing you to Google Drive Downloading Link Below.
  • Now you have to download .Apk file setup from above link and placed in Your phone, Then Install this Dual Whtasapp Account in your phone.
  • Now you can see the icon of GB Whatsapp on your home screen. You had Successfully installed Dual Whatsapp in your Mobile. Now you know all the procedure of Activating a new Whatsapp number, Same as Official or Play store 2 Whatsapp Accounts. But here i also provide you to advice of Activating the New Number.
  • As we said in above step, Now we need to Enter the Second Number / New mobile No. which we are using in our dual SIM android device or any other Mobile No. Which we want to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in one phone .
  • After entering Number, You need to verify this new Mobile No. After verification your Dual Whatsapp is starting as Normal Whatsapp. We can Use Dual WhatsApp Account in one phone now.