What Impact does the First Trump – Putin Meeting Bring?

On Friday Jorge Hernán Peláez discussed with Alfonso Cuellar, international analyst and president of Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Richard Emblin, director of City Paper, Egoitz Gago Antón, professor of the Department of Political Science and International Relations of U. Jorge Tadeo Lozano y Nicolás Murillo, coordinator of the Department of Methodology and analysis of the situation of the U. Externado on the G20 summit.

Alfonso Cuellar said that normally the vision of the United States is the prime thing in the media and at this summit was that of Russia, said that it was a great victory for Putin at image level. He added that the agenda was handled by the United States before and now there is a competition from who will handle it.

For his part Richard Emblin stated that Trump looks more comfortable on the international stage than in the White House. He argued that Trump wants to show Democrats that politics in the Middle East was a failure with Hillary Clinton and Obama. Finally, he said that what this summit showed is that everyone wants to participate in the future of Europe.

For Professor Egoitz Gago, the United States is losing leadership by a few. In the face of the cease-fire by the United States and Russia, they said that they are not the only actors in the war in Syria and the conflict may continue. On China’s role at the summit, Egoitz said China is waiting for its opponents to take the lead.

Nicolás Murillo said that China is in a very comfortable situation because it is not at the center of any dispute. On the commitment to a ceasefire in Syria by the United States and Russia, he said that even to see not believe, he argued that it is rather a matter of political communication to say that at the summit there was agreement.

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