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Download AFK Arena Mod Apk (God Mode) Free For Android

Information about AFK Arena Mod Apk

App NameAFK Arena
Latest Version1.24.02
Operating SystemAndroid
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
DeveloperLilith Games
CategoryRole Playing Games,2D Games,Online Games

AFK Arena Mod (God Mode) is a casual action card game. Do you know what is AFK? AFK means Away From Keyboard. AFK is inevitable, especially when you need to pay attention to real-life issues. Lilith games are the developer of this game. AFK Arena has cleverly gameplay mechanism which will help you to erase the worry of missing something. This game still allows you to perform the task even without playing.While you are playing this game on Android if the ads are causing a lot of disturbance to you then you have the option to block advertisements.

AFK Arenas background place the gamer in the world of Esperia, Which is a land of beautiful, wealthy, with countless natural resources and wonders. But it was not peaceful for a movement, ever since its founding. This is because of the destruction of Hypogeans. This is an evil force and they want to destroy all the lands they go through spreading death to all. With the help of the people in Esperia who have resurfaced to oppose Hypogens. The goddess was exhaust or disappeared after a long time helping the people here. When the goddess disappears, evil rises again. So the gamer needs to gather their army and fight with evil to protect world peace.

Collect Army of Heroes:-

There are 50 heroes in this game. Each of them is drawn enchanting looking like stained glass artworks and unique style. The story and design behind the characters are based on diverse backgrounds. There are so many characters to choose you can choose any one of them. Some legendary level heroes, such as Saveas and Arden help you through the first some level until you gather enough heroes. Also, you can use some heroes for two purposes such as the aggressive lion Brutus can deal with damage and block damage for the team. Three heroes from the same side and two from the other side will bring rewards for you and the team. Even after you exit the game, the heroes will continue to fight and accumulate wealth to bring the treasure worth when you return. The gamers can download this game either from the modded playstore or from the download link given below.

Design & Graphic:-

The graphic of AFK Arena is quite simple and beautiful. The graphics can make you sit for hours and play the game with fun. The plot of the apps and games are still presented to the gamer in detail. Sometimes you need to just watch the AI play by itself in the game. In this game, All gaming characters are design in cute or imaginative style which often found in RPG games. Especially the female characters are most beautiful. All characters in the game having own skill effect and the character’s skill effect is the outstanding advantage of the AFK Arena. The sound of the overall game is really beautiful, all the characters having a cute voice. To remove license verification for this game the gamers have to visit the official site. some custom patches are available for this game.


AFK Arena, It is a very interesting game. During the gameplay, the match will be decided when the minors of either side destroy all the turret. While playing the in-app purchases game you just need to upgrade your army of 5 heroes. So they will fight in the battle quickly. This game also featured a story base campaign around saving the Esperia kingdom along with the number of other challenges. This is the best opportunity for the player to earn money. This game is absolutely free in-app purchases to download on android. The gaming controls of this evergreen game are very easy to play. Also, this game offering you to best features and flexibility. Let us share and download AFK Arena Mod APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download AFK Arena (Mod &Original APK)

  • AFK Arena for Android                                           Apk – v1.24.02


  • AFK Arena for Android                                           Apk(Mod God Mode) – v1.24.02


Note:- Please select above link to download the AFK Arena Mod Apk for free. You can choose the MOD (God Mode) version of the original APK.