Download King Root Apk Latest Version for Android

What is Root?

Rooting is a technical word known as “unlocking” your Android devices by getting full admin rights to access your Android OS smartphone or tablet. IOS device has the same meaning as the term “jailbreak”. By rooting your android phones or tablets, you get “Super User” permission and the privilege to gain access to full control over your device. With a “rooted” Android device, you can customize almost anything from blocking ads, removing bloatware to speeding up your device or conserve battery more effectively. To root your android phone, you can use kingroot and it is one of the most popular and recommended root tool in the market. With KingRoot – One Click Root, you can turn your phone or tablet to a rooted device with ease.

What is Kingroot ?

KingRoot is an android application you can root your device within seconds, as long as you are using an operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. Kingroot Apk will do the same thing as the classic Towelroot do, but you can use it even if you have Lollipop.



If you want to root your device is as simple as Towelroot. If you download the app in Chinese, just you have to enter the blue button and wait. After a couple of seconds, the application finishes working and you’ll have your rooted device. Using Kingroot you have to know that it doesn’t work with all type devices. On Moto G, for instance, it usually has some trouble. With Nexus, though, it usually works perfectly.

KingRoot is an excellent way to root your Android device. That said, rooting a device is always a delicate process, so do it with care and be conscious of the risks involved.

Download Kingroot Apk

KingRoot App is a program that will let you root your Android device just by connecting it to your computer via USB. Although the program’s interface is in Chinese, you won’t have to learn the language in order to use it. The process to root your Android device with KingRoot apk is very simple: enable ‘USB debug’ mode (find it under ‘developer options’), connect your device to a PC via USB and then push the big blue button within the program’s interface. Your device will be rooted in a matter of seconds.

Please remember that KingRoot might not be able to identify certain Android devices since it doesn’t support all models. Despite that fact, it’s a very useful (and user-friendly) program. Download KingRoot Apk is a decent program to root your device that works pretty well despite its flaws.

Install Kingroot App

To install KingRoot apk on your device, you need an APK file as the app is not available on Google Play Store. As the features of King Root App are not within the community guidelines of Google, it has been removed from Play Store. But, we can install it as an APK file. Download King Root APK from below and follow the installation instructions.

King Root app is available in Chinese and English versions. There are also rumours of a cracked version and premium version that are not true. There is only one free version of King Root app. You can download it from below.

  1. First, download King Root APK from the above. If required, download an older version if your Android mobile doesn’t support the latest version.
  2. After downloading, we have to change some security settings as Google blocks external installations by default.
  3. To do this, go to Menu>Security. Here, look for option ‘Allow app installations from unknown sources’. Enable the option and open the APK file to start installing.


Installing via APK is the only recommended way to install King Root. If you own an Android phone, you should at least try rooting once and check the new features. You can always unroot back to default Android version with King Root APK. King Root is the best app if you’re a root enthusiast.