Download Blast Valley MOD APK v1.9 (Unlimited Diamonds)Free For Android

Information about Blast Valley Mod Apk

App NameBlast Valley
Latest version1.9
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
CategoryShooting Games , 2D Games , Offline Games

Do you love shooting games and want to play them on Android and searching for the best one to play on Android? Then we can say Blast Valley Mod Apk is one of the best shooting games to play on Android. The developer named voodoo published this game.

Create the thrust:

In Blast Valley the gamer have to imagine him as a gun and the gamer not able to see some small funny balls. In this gameplay, the gamer has to shoot the gun so as to move the gun to the farthest place. The movement of the gun looks similar to that of the mechanism in the rocket. The gamer has to do the shooting so as to create the thrust that helps to fly in the specified opposite direction. This is endless simple gameplay.

Opposite direction:

This Blast Valley is having a minimum of 22 rounds the gamer has to touch the screen so as to shoot the bullet and fly forward. The gamer’s main task in this game is to move himself to the very long distance as he can. To play this game the gamer is provided with only minimum bullets so the gamer has to use the bullets very carefully because every bullet used in the game is to be counted. While targetting the gamer has to shoot very carefully because the gamer moves in the opposite direction he shot.

Deep Valley:

The gamer has to upgrade the guns so as to unlock several powers. When the gamer becomes very strong the distance also increases. If you do not have the wings the flying becomes very difficult. So,  the gamer has to upgrade the features. The gamers main role is to shoot the gun as far as you can no need to fly high the users are able to fly as far as they can. The gamer fells in the opposite direction he shot if he shoots upwards he will fell down downwards. If he targets downwards he fell down upwards. In Blast Valley the gamers have to shoot so as to maintain the speed you flew along the deep valley.


To upgrade the game there are four categories in this gameplay. The categories are bullet power, bullet count, money per hour and first shot power. The gamers have to very cautious about their bullet count because there are a lot of chances for the users to go forward as far as they can.  By using the feature of bullets power the users can travel very far. After upgrading the gun the gamers can go to a very long distance with maximum speed. If in case you are waiting to shoot the gun will lose its momentum. And also if you shoot very fastly than the specified time you can maximize the distance of bouncing.


While you are playing the game you will see some pop-up offers. If you want to double your income then utilize these ads. If you are having a bad run and a less amount of money. The gamers have the opportunity to accept the ads offers or rewards only when they are having the specified quantity of money. The internet connection is mandatory while playing the game because the ads won’t appear when the internet connection fails. Let us share and download Blast Valley Mod MOD APK or Blast Valley Mod MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Blast Valley Mod(MOD & Original APK)

  •  Blast Valley Mod for Android                                         APK -v1.9
  •  Blast Valley Mod for Android                                        APK (Unlimited Diamonds)-v1.9


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