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Download Cyber Hunter APK Free v5.6.20 For Android

Information about Cyber Hunter Apk

App NameCyber Hunter
Latest Version0.100.181
Operating SystemAndroid
MOD FeaturesNo
DeveloperNetEase Games
CategoryShooter Games,3D Games,Online Games

If you like to play the survival game on your android then Cyber Hunter is the best survival game for you to play on your android. NetEase modified games develop this multiplayer survival game for android players. This Cyber Hunter app is listed in the adventure category of the app store.

Cyber Hunter, It is an open-world battle royal game featuring a unique combination of gaming elements. It is the best action pack shooter game for the android device in which gamer can build whatever they want. It is a combination of many elements such as survival, shooting, construction, and tactics. It is the same as PUBG or Fortnite game. But only one difference in it is you can construct all kinds of buildings. It provides a huge map of 6 square kilometers.

Realistic 3D Graphic:-

This overall gameplay is design in the realistic 3D graphics. The sound of the game gives the thrilling gaming experience to the gamer and makes the player attracted to the game. Just like other modify games in this genre, you can play Cyber Hunter with your friend’s team of four members, in pair or alone. The overall game is about landing on an island where people you will find are your rivals. You have to explore the scenario and wipe all our enemies out until you are the only player standing. You can also build whatever you want but the energy necessary to build stems from the quantic cubes that appear when you destroy things.While you are playing this game on Android if the ads are causing a lot of disturbance to you then you have the option to block advertisements.

Collect Weapons:-

At the beginning of the fight, you and the other 99 players will be dropped to an island of the quantum world from the plane. The weapons system of the game is quite new of fancy. The weapons in the in-app purchases game are based on quantum energy with more power. Overall gameplay equipped with cool guns, creative weapons, and vehicles that fly and float. To have more power against the other players you have to collect the weapons, equipment, and other items in buildings on the island. You don’t forget to collect the Quantum cubes during the migration. They will help you to create your defense. Quantum Cubes can easily be collected by disrupting the various objects on the island. Also, it will help you to set traps and radar forges.The gamers can download this game either from the modded playstore or from the download link given below.


You can move in in-app purchases game by jogging or using moving vehicles that appearance randomly. Using this vehicle you can move faster through buildings, run better and able to use as a powerful weapon to battle or hit the enemy. But when using this vehicle keep one thing in mind, do not be subjective and the sound emitted from this vehicle can attract your enemy towards you. Also, Cyber Hunter allows you to choose the character with max customization or zero customization. You can climb on any wall at any time in a free in-app purchases game or play Hide and Seek with your enemy. You can also find gloves that greatly increase your climbing speed. Using these all techniques you can survive at the last of the game. To remove license verification for this game the gamers have to visit the official site. some custom patches are available for this game.


While playing this endless game solution you have to collect weapons and extensions such as machine guns.This overall gameplay design in the beautiful 3D graphics. The control system of this endless game has opted for the touch phone devices. A variety of weapons are available in the game island and you can use them during the battle at any time. This game is made by the Fortnite style design. You can play this game with your friends and invite them to compete in the game. Cyber Hunter is absolutely free to download or play on android or smartphone. Let us share and download Cyber Hunter APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Cyber Hunter (Original APK)

  • Cyber Hunter for Android                                           Apk – v5.6.20


  • Cyber Hunter for Android                                           Apk – v5.6.20


Note:- Please select above link to download the Cyber Hunter Apk for free.