Download Forces Of Freedom Mod Apk (Radar, No Recoil) Free For Android

Information about Forces Of Freedom Mod Apk

App NameForces Of Freedom
Latest Version5.0.0
Operating SystemAndroid
MOD FeaturesRadar, No Recoil
DeveloperBravo Company Ltd
CategoryAction Games,3D Games,Online Games

Forces Of Freedom Mod Apk is the best shooting game for the android user or those users who love to play the game online. This is the first-person shooter game present in the android gaming world. Bravo Company Ltd is the publisher of this game. This is the best battle game for you in which you can battle with real soldiers all over the world. This in-app purchases game is simple depends on what a normal soldier always does, fight with the enemies and destroy them. This game is similar to Pubg or rules of survival just difference in gameplay.

At the starting of the game, the first thing you have to do is training. The system lets you to some simulated matches to get familiar with the in-game action. The control system of this game is really simple. The virtual keys move, shooting and other actions are familiar as other FPS apps and games. One more key should be inbuilt in this free in-app purchases game is to control the character to stand up or lying down. The gamers can download this game either from the modded playstore or from the download link given below.

PvP Mode:-

Play this battle of a Forces of Freedom in a real-time PvP mode with other online players. In this game, there are two types of maps for you, one is 3v3 and other is 5v5. The gamer can play this multiplayer battle in intense of 5v5 round. Play as a sniper in this PvP mode, with authentic military soldiers from across the globe. Each match is only for the five minutes, you will be confronted with real soldiers from the world. To remove license verification for this game the gamers have to visit the official site. While you are playing this game on Android if the ads are causing a lot of disturbance to you then you have the option to block advertisements.


This game provides full shooting weapons including AK47 rifles, heavy shotguns to the most powerful sniper rifles. The player should be the weapon master in this game. This game allows you to reuse the weapon during battle. You can choose the character with appearance, gender, skin color or anything else. They will be your companion during gameplay, but you need to play hard to buy the character.some custom patches are available for this game.

Different Maps:-

In Forces Of Freedom, your reflexes or shooting skills are the most important factors that lead you to victory. But you need to battle carefully because of your enemies also have the skill and tactical like you. you can hardly predict the outcome of the game. Each match you can experience a different map. This game owns a lot of maps for you to experience including desert, jungle, ancient arena. The gamer should be the master of all the maps. If the player knows the detail then it will help them easily capture the important position or gaining an advantage over enemies. But the already included maps of the game is relatively few.

3D Graphics:-

Forces Of Freedom design with beautiful 3D graphics. The control of the game or the action of soldiers are very flexible, easy or professional. The sound of shooting feels the gamer reality of game or gives the thrilling game experience to the gamer. Its realistic graphic conveys the general atmosphere of the game. This game has a system of denunciation that helps players to help the game to penalize low awareness players.


In Forces Of Freedom, You need to destroy all the enemy to win the game. This game is tense from start to finish and takes you in the vicious battle. This endless gameplay is totally free to download for the android user. You can test your skill or strength in different modes and maps which allow you to shoot or to implement all sorts of tactical decisions. Also, you can play this game in the multiplayer mode. In this, the player can challenge their friends and compete with them. To be the leader board position you wants to improve your gaming skill in order to prove his level best. Let us share and download Forces Of Freedom APK or Forces Of Freedom MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Forces Of Freedom (MOD & Original APK)

  • Forces Of Freedom for Android                                           Apk – v5.0.0


  • Forces Of Freedom for Android                                           Apk (Mod Radar, No Recoil) – v5.0.0


Note:- Please select above link to download the Forces Of Freedom Mod Apk for free, use Apk Mod (Radar, No Recoil) version or original Apk.