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Download Jurassic Survival MOD APK v2.1.0 (Free Craft) Free For Android

Information about Jurassic Survival Mod Apk

App NameJurassic Survival
Latest Version2.1.0
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesFree Craft
DeveloperMishka Production
CategorySurvival Games,3D Games , Online Games

Do you love action games and searching for the best one to play them on Android? If your answer is yes then we can say that Jurassic survival mod apk is one of the best games to play on Android. This is the best game to play on Android. The publisher of this game is Mishka production game publisher. This gameplay has a friendly user interface so that any user can freely play this game on their Android. In this game, the gamer will wakeup on a wet island then the gamer can’t remember where he was. After waking up on the island the gamer has to search for water, food, and all other necessary foods to survive their lives. On the island after waking there are nothing to survive so the gamers have to search for natural ingredients like bamboo, wood, stones, trees so as to prepare knives and axes.


In Jurassic Survival game, If by mistake you have to go outside then there are a lot of chances to face dangers lurking, and the cannibal dinosaurs appear at any place. There are only some ornitholesetes the gamers can defeat by their hands. Ornitholestes skin is one of the main ingredients to prepare jackets and pants. In this gameplay, the weather is very harsh so as to keep the body warm. While playing this game the gamers have to face a lot of issues, in this game the main enemy is dangerous carnivorous dinosaurs like T-Rex or Ornitholestes. While they are passing the gamers have to find a place to avoid their attention when exploring.

Ferocious Dinosaurs:

If the dangerous carnivorous attack, you will lose HP. While playing Jurassic Survival, After dying in the carnivorous hands the gamers have to start everything from scratch.  before doing any tasks in this operation the gamers have to keep in mind their mistakes so as to never repeat their mistakes. In addition to that, the gamers have to build a strong base with different types of electric fences, and big guns. Carry all these weapons in order to shoot ferocious dinosaurs. The human beings one of the good characters is to defeat other persons. Humans can create anything that they want and they also can conquer harshest natural conditions.


This Jurassic Survival gameplay lets gamers play the game in online mode. Gamers can invite their friends and relatives to participate in the game. In this game not all the people are very good so be cautious while playing the game. This game lets gamers meet other people in the game communicate with them and exchange the resources among other gamers. This gameplay is designed with beautiful simple 3D quality graphics with HD quality. The animals such as Dinosaurs and giraffes look similar to the real animals. To provide gamers with a realistic game experience this gameplay is designed with beautiful graphics and soundtracks. Let us share and download Jurassic Survival MOD APK or Jurassic Survival MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Jurassic Survival(MOD & Original APK)

  •  Jurassic Survival for Android                                         APK – v2.1.0
  •  Jurassic Survival for Android                                        APK (MOD Free Craft)-v2.1.0


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