Download Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War MOD APK (God Mode) Free For Android

Information about Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War Mod Apk

App NameKingdom of Hero: Tactics War
Latest version1.17.000
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesGod Mode
CategoryRole Playing Games , 3D Games , Online Games

If you are a game lover and you like to play games on the smartphone then read this article here we will explain one more interesting new turn strategy game for the android. The NEOWIZ develops the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War (MOD God Mode) for the android user. This game is free to download and available on the Modded Playstore but yet it is not available for iOS. In this game, the gamer has to collect a team of different characters. And resist the cunning villains who pose a threat to the kingdom. If you have any doubts about apps and games then visit our official site at

The Myth of Heroes

In the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War the King Arthur’s kingdom is threatened by the dark forces. In that kingdom, the monsters and demons appear everywhere at any time and they can destroy lots of things. So the king gives orders to gathering them to defend the kingdom to the most powerful warriors in the kingdom.

Classic Tactics Gameplay

The play map of the game is like a chessboard. This game is divided into hexagons and that’s why it also called a Hexagon Battlefield. In this turn-based gameplay, you can move your heroes into the battlefield. It’s your task to arrange the hero in a single hexagon. While selecting hexagon first chance if there is an enemy or not. If your hero’s attack range is close then he will automatically attack the enemy. Also, you have to select the target and skill which you have to use in battle. When the battle starts to see the enemy detail you need to simply click on the enemy. It will show different color arrows in which shows you, damage enemy, well or not. The red color arrow show your damage is not sufficient, yellow color shows it is good and the blue color shows it is big damage. By damaging the monster you own energy.

5 Classes of Heroes

In the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War the heroes are divided into 5 different classes. These are Guardian, Fighter, Archer, Wizard, and Priest. In this, each hero possesses own one to four skills which include some common and special skills. Some of them possess passive skills in certain situations. One more important this is the hero’s attack range. If your hero attack range is zero then you need to stand next to the enemy’s hexagon to destroy or damage them. Each hero has a different attack range.

Runes and More

The Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War has runes system which allows the gamer to forge gems, upgrade gems or create new gems. So because of this feature, you can equip your hero with these gems to make them stronger. By trying to play in arena or dungeon mode you can unlock more gems and characters and get lots of rewards. So let’s participate in the adventure with King Arthur and protect the kingdom.


Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is the best strategy game in the android gaming world comparing to other apps and games. So for strategy game lovers, this game is the best choice to play on android. The gaming control of this game is very easy to understand. This game is free to play and download. If you want then you will get this game from the official site of the modded playstore or from the direct download link given in this article.

This game has a beautiful design that creates a special atmosphere while playing the game. This most popular game offers credits for some game items that only available with in-app purchases. If you buy the game through in-app purchases then it will allow you to apply custom patch and remove ads from the game. If you apply custom patch for the game it will bypass restrictions from the game. Let us share and download the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War APK or Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War (MOD & Original APK)

  • Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War for Android                                                                                                        APK – v1.17.000


  • Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War for Android                                                                                                       APK (MOD God Mode)- v1.17.000


Note: Please select a link to download Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War for free. You can choose the MOD (God Mode) version or the original APK.