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Download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK v0.1.426 (Free Craft) Free For Android

Information about Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro Mod Apk

App NameLive Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro
Latest version0.1.426
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesFree Craft
CategorySurvival Games , 3D Games , Online Games

Are you a survival game lover and you like to play zombie survival games on your android? Yes! then try Live Or Die: Survival Pro (MOD Free Craft) on your android. The gameplay of this game is like other Role-playing games such as Fortnite and PUBG. PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO release this game for both android and iOS users. The gaming controls of this game are very easy to play and understand. In this game, the gamer is playing alone and there are more than a hundred enemies, thousands of monsters and bloodthirsty zombies who will defeat you. You have to find a way to survive in such a harsh environment.

In this game, a strange virus is there which collapses the civilization of humanity. That virus turns people into dead scry zombies. And these zombies are destroying everything. Also, the zombies are spreading that virus by biting to other survivors. So you are only a person who is not affected by that virus or zombies.

Learn How to Survive

In Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro, at the staring you don’t have anything in your hand. But here you will get a detailed lesson about how to create weapons from the available materials to protect yourself in the first stage. On the first level, you can kill the animals for food, cut the trees for firewood find clean water for a drink and creat fire. These things help you to live anywhere in such a horrific environment. The zombies in this game are very fast and aggressive. They will follow you until you or they not die. Actual for a single person it is very difficult to defeat with all zombies at a time. So you need to upgrade armor and creates weapons to deal with that situation. This game also allows you to build solid houses to protect you from the stalking dangers.


The Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro contains lots of different types of weapons including chainsaws, rifles, shotguns to flamethrowers. To kill your enemy You can use this weapon. In each level of the game, the zombies are getting more stronger and more aggressive. So To defeat them you need to upgrade your weapons and armor. Along with upgradations, you can create your own weapons by combining the materials which you have. The Maps of the game are very large and it will take months to discover.

3D graphics

Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is one of the best Zombie survival game in the android gaming world. This game has a simple 3D graphics with a top-down view. This zombie survival game is in the form of levels. After passing one level the zombie killer will enter into the next level. This Fearful gameplay consists of lots of interesting tasks. The color of the game is bright but at night time, the darkness of the game creates fear.


Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro, it is the latest version of the Zombie modified games. There are so many zombies and monsters around you in this game. And you are alone in such an environment. But you have to survive in a temporary world full of walking dead and wild animals. At the starting of the game, you have no weapons but after completion of some level of the game, you will be able to make or upgrade new weapons or equipment. For any instant resources like weapons, outfits, health kits, etc., in the game can be available through the game in-app purchases. And if you don’t want then you can also disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings. For this game, custom patches are now available. Custom patches allow you to unlock some stuff in some android apps and games.

If you are interested to play this zombie survival pro game on your android then you will get this game from the official site of the modded playstore and you can directly download from the below link. To know more detail about android apps and games you can visit our official site at www.mrbass.org. Let us share and download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro APK or Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro (MOD & Original APK)

  • Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro for Android                                                                                                        APK – v0.1.426


  • Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro for Android                                                                                                       APK (MOD Free Craft)- v0.1.426


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