Lucky Patcher : Download Lucky Patcher V8.6.3 APK For Android

Lucky Patcher 2020

Download Lucky Patcher : As we know that Lucky Patcher is an Android app that helps users to get free in app purchases through an app if you download Lucky Patcher. Apart from letting to in-app purchases, It also allows users to bypass license verification of any app as well. The Lucky Patcher app is developed by Chelpus which is an suitable app to unlock all the apps and games that provides custom patches to block any advertisements. More than 110 million people successfully apply custom patch offered by Chelpus and the Lucky Patcher Apk is now available on rooted android phones. Users need to do is you need to follow our article on Lucky Patcher and access official website, every user can use root apps and change permissions on android applications and games, you will get in app purchases for free & also modify android games.

   Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher App is one of the unique android application where you can see ” in app purchase found” if the app is compatible. By using this app, you can get all in app purchase apps for free, after sign up in the portal. If you don’t find android application that supported, you can also purchase apps for free from Modded Playstore as there are millions of apps in Google Playstore.

Lucky Patcher Features :

We shall explain you in clear detail process to features that the app posses to modify games in android phone. There are also some other great features for users to remove system apps,modify system apps and more. Learn about all the available features for Non-rooted android devices with Lucky Patcher No root.

  • Custom Patches are available, one can use those apps to apply custom patch.
  • Remove license verification from desired apps or games.
  • Block ads in android apps and games
  • Get free in-app purchases in android apps and games.
  • Install modded play store.

Note : Here We are not explaining How To Install Lucky Patcher Apk because most of you were aware of Lucky Patcher Apk as it is most popular, it is very easy process to install any apk file in android device.

How To Get Free in app purchases Using Lucky Patcher ?

Method 1:

  • Launch Lucky Patcher app on your android rooted device, if not use any root apps.
  • Then Select the app which you want to make purchase.
  • Now Click on Buy Option which is shown on your app screen.
  • The app pop up on your screen instead of google in app purchase.
  • For Rooted Users,  the new window opens, you see a message “Do you want to try to get this app for free” . Select “Yes”.
  • Non-rooted user Click on “send reply to application(Unsigned)“.
  • It takes some time to process and In app purchase completes based on your internet speed.
  • If the app is supported automatically custom patch applies to that particular app or game

If you want to remove system app with the help of Lucky Patcher app. This method helps you a lot which is easier to follow.

Method 2

  • If that doesn’t work with you select Lucky Patcher and choose “open menu of patches”.
  • Then a Warning Window Pops up like “It is a system app ….“, select ok to remove system app.
  • Click on “Custom pach” and select the first one “” and tap apply.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Now use method 1 easily.
  • Select ‘Disable google Billing emulation’ if you don’t want open the app automatically.

If you didnt find both methods helpful, check out method 3 carefully, as this helps to hack in app purchases.

Method 3:

  • Open Lucky patcher and select the app that you want purchase it for free.
  • On selection of the app, Lucky Patcher shows “In app purchase found” on the app window.
  • Long press on desired app or just tap on the app and click on “open menu of patches”.
  • Choose “Support patch for In app and LVL emulation“.
  • Select apply, wait until the process complete. After that your device will reboot automatically.
  • If your patch works ,in-app purchase is success.

Lucky Patcher FAQ :

  • Is it safe to download Lucky patcher app?

There are more than 20 million users who are using this application but there is no evidence of damage.

  • I got an error while running the app ?

Errors are common but you don’t need to worry about the device for the errors.

  • Are all apps and games supported?

Yes. This application supports many apps and games for which custom patches are available.

  • I have issue with my desired application ? What was the problem ?

They have different methods of payments and its gateways which prevent their app from modifying. So this app follows particular algorithm to bypass license, some cases it may work and in some it may fail for some others.

  • What Can i Do with Lucky Patcher ?

There are many possibilities such as many modes are available for License verification, if you choose wisely, you can modify apps and games.

  •  How does Lucky patcher apk work?

It works efficiently while it replaces the original code with new modified code. In some cases you can apply patch to remove License verification, Custom patches are made manually for each app and game.It removes the part of the code that is written to check the License from the app. But in most apps it block ads perfectly.

  •  I applied custom patch but why does It say Patch Cannot be applied?

Ans. Though “Custom patch available” is done, it may not be applied properly only if the app gets updated with latest version. Just try with older version of the same app, in most cases this is the solution for the issue.

  •  Google Chrome says “This file can be harmful”. Is the app really a virus?

No. As Lucky Patcher is Apk file,  Chrome displays this message for every .apk file that you download. Just go to security settings and give permission to install third party apps in your mobile.

  •  Is the application supported for IOS devices?

No, the app is available for android only. As developers are working on it for making IOS compatibility.

  •  Why the app gets updated twice in a month ?

The apps and games gets updated every now and then with their frequent updates, so now and then developers are trying to create patch for most of the android applications and games.

  • What is Modded Playstore ? What do I get if i install Modded Playstore ?

With Modded Play store you can easily use paid apps for free using some specific methods.