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Information about Mr Bullet Mod Apk

App NameMr Bullet
Latest version4.0
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesUnlocked All
DeveloperLion Studios
CategoryPuzzle Games , 2D Games , Offline Games

Do you love action games and want to play them on Android? If your answer is yes then we can say that Mr Bullet Mod Apk is one of the best action games to play on Android. The developer of this game is Lion Studios. This is one of the simple action games and most users love to download this game because of its amazing features. In this game, always a good sniper or the police can bring the person to bring down a bullet.

Different type of Weapons:

The gamers main role in this Mr Bullet game is to get down the persons using some bullets. To win this game the gamers have to bring the person down using a minimum number of bullets. The publisher mainly developed this game to destroy or kill all the bad people who are living in the world. Mister bullet is one of the people who is a spy with a lot of skills similar to James bond. In this game, Mr Bullet is always made ready to kill or invade the other persons like a mafia, bad guys, thugs, and Zombies. The gamer can kill any enemy or bring the person to the down using any type of weapons available in the game.

Shoot the Enemies:

In Mr Bullet the main theme of the players is to do the shooting. This game looks similar to that of puzzle game because while doing the shooting the gamer has to choose what way he has to go so as to hoot yeh person easily and earn points. The gamer’s main task is to use the minimum number of bullets so as to shoot the enemies.

Game Control:

Mr Bullet has a simple friendly user interface so that any user can easily play this game on their Android. So, as to save the child from violent behavior this game has some age restrictions. Only 18 years above aged people are allowed to play this game. The game control for this game is very easy the gamers can play this game with the help of one finger if you want to shoot the other person the gamers have to just drag and drop the button.

Hitting by Bullets:

If you want to shoot a person with a minimum number of shots the gamer has to just touch the screen and adjust their gun in a proper position so as to shoot in which direction you want. While playing the game the gamers have to keep in mind about two things they are about a number of bullets and the environment. At some levels, more green color blocks will appear the gamers have the chance to push or break them after hitting by bullets. If you want to defeat several enemies who are nearer to you then the better option to use dynamite.

Game Levels:

If you already have an idea on how to play Angry Birds game then you can play this Mr Bullet game very easily. For the availability of the gamers, this game has a hundred levels to play. These levels are very challenging and twisted. As you reach the high level the difficulty level increases. Reaching level by level the gamers have the option to wander throughout the world, meet and develop relations with your friends.

While playing the Mr Bullet game the gamers always have to be kept in mind to complete a level with only 3 stars and one bullet. While playing the game if the yellow bullet appears on the screen it means you have only the permission to use fewer bullets if you want to pass the game level with 3 stars. Let us share and download Mr Bullet Mod MOD APK or Mr Bullet Mod MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Mr Bullet Mod(MOD & Original APK)

  • Mr Bullet Mod for Android                                         APK -v4.0
  • Mr Bullet Mod for Android                                        APK (Unlocked All)-v4.0


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