OneTouch AppLabs : Remove China Apps Apk Download [Latest 2020]

The developer of Remove China Apps is OneTouch AppLabs used to remove any Chinese Application From your Mobile/ Smartphone. Recently the Including India many countries have boycotted Chinese products and Goods, Hardware, Software products in India. Moreover, the popular education Reformer Sonam Wangchuk updated his Twitter status that “India should become Aatma Nirbhar Bharat”.

Most of them search for Remove China Apps from Which Country. In the below table we have given Clear Name and Country of Origin. The complete information about Remove China Apps belongs to Which Country ?

Remove China Apps APK.


Onetouch app Labs is an Indian startup company with well experienced professionals  8 years experience in Mobile and Web Apps. OneTouch AppLabs, an Jaipur based Indian startup recently launched an android mobile application in playstore called “Remove China Apps”. The Application name called Remove China Apps is available now Google Play Store. Though Whose have no access to playstore they can download Remove China Apps Apk.

This application identifies all the Chinese apps and suggest you to delete china apps from your mobile or smartphone. Some of the popular Chinese Apps are

Tik Tok, Shareit, Helo, Xender, Like, UC browser

Most of use these applications in our mobile phones . So first Download the OneTouch AppLabs China App Remover Application and eliminate all these applications and encourage the use of Indian Applications. Here is the in-depth information about Remove China Apps Remover Tool and how it works is written in clear guide.

OneTouch AppLabs Remove China Apps

The Indian Startup company OneTouch AppLabs had developed Android-based mobile Application Name “Remove China Apps”. As this sort outs many solutions for the very tense situations between India and China. The Indian citizens of the Indian nation must need boycott Chinese Software hardware immediately. The Engineer turned to Educator Sonam Wangchuk is said every person has to remove Chinese Application Form your Mobile and don’t use Made In Chinese Products in their daily life. Thus in order to this, the India Based One Touch App Labs is now come first and designs an Application that can easily remove Chinese Application delete from your Mobile in one Click.

There are many popular China Apps that are Pre-installed in our smartphones and some are post-installed by us without having proper idea. These applications are very dangerous because they are the bugs, viruses, malware who theft the confidential information from your smartphones. So now Install Remover China Apps Apk and delete Chinese applications such as Tiktok, MI Community, Xender, Share it,Helo and Like. So you can contribute your share in Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan by removing China App on your mobile.


Delete Chinese Application From Android Mobile Application

In the current scenario on Indo-China Border, the Chinese troop’s infiltration is held day by day. So the Sonam Wangchuk Education Reformer urges all Indians to Boycott Made in China Goods, Hardware and Software. According to Sonam Wangchuk latest interview, he starts a campaign to fully boycott china by given slogan

Cheen ko Jawaab, Sena degi bullet se, Naagrik dengey wallet se“.

Woh bedardi se sar kaate mera or mai kahun unse Huzoor aahista aahista, janaab ahista ahista… But now Sena degi bullet se jawaab, Hum dengey wallet se

It means we, being civilized have to pay from our wallets for being spyed by the other countries , we have to use The developer of Remove China Apps download is Indian company namely OneTouch AppLabs and start removing all Chinese applications to stop developing other countries.

Company NameOneTouch AppLabs
Application NameRemove China Apps
Supported DevicesAndroid
SourceGoogle Playstore
Remove China Apps Apk Available ?YES
FeatureDelete Chinese applications from mobiles

This Country China earns revenue from India by selling Hardware and Software extensively all over India. They use this revenue to increase Military power. So if we stop buying Chinese goods, their revenue will effected indirectly. So, we should uninstall all Chinese applications which makes china a rich country by grabbing from our pockets. So people should be aware of current situations and start uninstalling the Tik Tok, Shareit, and other applications. The Remove China Apps will resolve all problems How to delete Chinese apps from your mobile phone. This is the help we need to do for saving our country.

What is Remove China Apps Mobile Application ?

From the day of Lockdown our Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges us to use Swadeshi Innovations to become Self Reliant  and . He started Aatma Nirbhar bharat Abhiyan which encourages Made in India Goods and welcome many Indian industries to grow. So in this aspect the Jaipur Based Startup company called OneTouch App Labs has took an innovative step to build “Remove China Apps“.

  • Currently this app is available for Android users only
  • However, unfortunately remove china apps iphone (IOS) is not available .
  • It is Identify all Chinese made application form your mobile and make a list of it.
  • You are Allowed to Delete whichever application you want to remove from your mobile in One Click.
  • The complete list of Chinese Apps has identified by this app if you install it on your device.
  • This application is 100% malware and virus free.
  • It is a very simple and fast to remove all China Apps.

In This manner Remove China Apps Android Application is a excellent tool to remove Chinese apps from your mobile. This is the best contribution to आत्मनिर्भर भारत. The currently around 1 lakhs + download is done in past 2-3 days of this application.

List of Popular Chinese Apps Used By Indians in Their Mobile Phones

Helo, Clash of Kings,  SHAREit,  Mobile Legends , TikTok, ClubFactory ,LIKE,  Shein ,Kwai,  Romwe , UCBrowser AppLock,  LiveMe, Bigo Live, VMate , Vigo, Video Game of Sultans, BeautyPlus ,Mafia City, Xender , Battle of Empires, Cam Scanner and PUBG

How Remove China Apps Works

  • Firstly you need to visit the Play Store
  • Then Search Remove China Apps by One-touch App Labs.
  • Now You have to click on Install Button.
  • After download and Install remove china Apps Icon in Your Mobile.
  • Now Scan and you will bet List if Installed Chinese apps show.
  • Click on Delete Button to remove the particular chinese app.
  • Now Your are successfully removed the chinese app on your mobile phones.

Here by We appreciate your initiative by Removing China Apps and Boycott Chinese Software and Hardware is a very big help which you can do for your country. We strongly suggest to use only Made in India Products to make India Aatma Nirbhar. However the OneTouch AppLabs, ‘Remove China Apps’  is available on Google Play Store currently. If you have any questions or queries about the Chinese App Remover Tool. you can use contact us page on official website.