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Information about Roll The Ball Mod Apk

App NameRoll The Ball
Latest version7.0.0
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Hints
CategoryPuzzle Games , 2D Games , Offline Games

Do you like to play puzzle games on your android? If yes then download Roll The Ball (MOD Unlimited Hints) on your android. This game contains very attractive and mysterious funny puzzles. This game can be published by the famous publisher Bitmango. They develop this mobile puzzle game with beautiful graphics and very interesting gameplay. The challenging levels of the game are sometimes very easy and sometimes it very difficult. In this game, you have to simply roll that ball on the gaming board. In this game, it is necessary to hold the ball to the end of the level.

Easy to Play

In Roll The Ball there are so many different tasks for the player. At the starting of this game, you have to arrange the blocks from the seamless pipe just by moving blocks left-right, up and down to roll the ball to the goal. Each stage of the game is divided into a panel of 12 square blocks in that some block consists of pipe and some are empty. At the starting of the game, the difficulty of the level is only at the basic level but after completion of some level difficulty gradually increased and Roll The Ball really hack the brain.

Many Challenging Modes

Roll The Ball, it is not just about rolling. The developer can divide the game into different playing modes such as Star Mode, Classic Mode, Moving Mode, Rotation Mode. In Star Mode, the gamer only encounters simple and easy quests without movements and time counts. And if you complete the task in this mode then you will get 3 stars. the second is Classic mode. This mode is similar to Star Mode but in this, the level will have some additional requirements. If you complete these requirements then you will get stars. The moving mode is a very difficult mode, it required the ability to think quickly and smart hands. In this mode, the ball will move and you must have to move water pipes while the ball rolls over the screen. The last is the Rotation mode. This is the same as Moving mode but in this mode, the water tube can be rotated easily.


Roll The Ball is very easy to play a mobile puzzle game. In this game, you have to simply move the boxes with your finger to create the way to move your ball on the red block goal. But don’t move riveted blocks. Each block in the game has a special property. To open the next level of the game you have to collect the asterisks. This game is really a very interesting puzzle game in which you will be a lot to think and to use all his logic. So if you are interested to download the game then you will get the download link below.

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Download Roll The Ball (MOD & Original APK)

  • Roll The Ball for Android                                                                                                        APK – v7.0.0


  • Roll The Ball for Android                                                                                                       APK (MOD Unlimited Hints)- v7.0.0


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