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Download Standoff 2 MOD APK (Smooth Aimbot, Visibility Checks) Free For Android

Information about Standoff 2 Mod Apk

App NameStandoff 2
Latest version0.12.1
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesSmooth Aimbot, Visibility Checks
Categoryshooter Games , 3D Games , Online Games

You are a shooting lover and interested to play the shooting game on your android or iOS? Then download Standoff 2 (MOD Smooth Aimbot, Visibility Checks) on your android. It is really a very interesting shooter game that brings you into the crazy battle. It is a mobile platform game but you can play this game on your android also. Axlebolt develops this most popular first-person shooter series game for android users. Comparing to the first part of this game the Standoff 2 have been upgraded a lot in the graphic. Also, it contains some more items than the previous one such as weapons, maps, gaming modes and all. This game promises you to give you a more exciting experience in the shooting.

Legend return

At the starting of the Standoff 2, the gamer will take place into the fiercest battlefield. Like other FPS games in this game also you have to select one of two opposing forces it may be counter-terrorist or terrorist. After selecting the force you can start to fight with your enemy. But keep in mind in this battle you don’t fight for life, but for death. This game has three different game modes which are Deathmatch, Defuse the Bomb and Arms Race. As a real hero, you have to participate in this mode of the game and win the battle.


The Standoff 2 contains lots of guns for the gamer. And you have to chance to select the legendary guns like M4A1 or AK 47 and desert Engle in a different way. But you can buy this game by using virtual money and also you can buy skins for them by giving cash. After co0mpletion of the task, it provides you lots of mysterious gift boxes by opening these boxes you can own the new guns for your battle.

Gaming Modes:

Standoff 2 has three gaming modes Deathmatch mode, Defuse the bomb and Arms race. But it also has some additional modes these are Capture the Flag, Tournaments and Robbery. While playing the game if you are3 playing counter strike then you need to know the Defuse the bomb is the legendary mode of this counter strike. The terrorist will be bombing on your city so your task is to prevent terrorists from achieving the purpose. If you don’t do this then they will dill you and win the battle. But when you kill the enemy and refuse their bombs you can win the city. If you want to play this game with guns then you can play in Arms Race mode. In this mode of the game, you can use all the weapons which offer by the game to kill the enemy.


Comparing to other apps and games Standoff 2 graphic is amazing. It has a realistic 3D graphics and it makes the payer engaged to play this game for a long time. The images of the game are very realistic and detailed in high quality. The total characters in the game are cute and very funny. Also, the custom patches are now available for this game. Custom patches can hack the modify android game. It has 6 different maps, each map opens a new strategy which required for the gamer to win the match. It is now available for in-app purchases and if you buy it through in-app purchase it will give you some extra.


In Standoff 2 you can play the role of the real soldier and as a soldier, your responsibility is to destroy all the enemies on the battle land. It is free to download for android and very easy to play. This is an online mode game so you need to strong internet connections while playing this game. Also, it will allow you to compete with all your friends and other players from all around the world. By clicking on the button which is on the two sides of the mobile screen you can move your character, shoot enemy, jumping and all activity you can do just in a simple touch. The gaming of this game gives you the exciting shooting experience on android. So if you are interested then download this game from the official site of the modded playstore or from the given link in the article. To know about more apps and games must visit our official site www.mrbass.org. Let us share and download Standoff 2 APK or Standoff 2 MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Standoff 2 (MOD & Original APK)

  • Standoff 2 for Android                                                   APK – v0.12.1


  • Standoff 2 for Android                                                   APK (MOD Smooth Aimbot, Visibility Checks)- v0.12.1


Note: Please select a link to download Standoff 2 for free. You can choose the MOD (Smooth Aimbot, Visibility Checks) version or the original APK.