Download Touch The Wall MOD APK v2.2.3 (Free Shopping) for Android

Information about Touch The Wall Mod Apk

App NameTouch The Wall
Latest version2.2.3
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesFree Shopping
CategoryRacing Games , 3D Games , Offline Games

Do you love racing games and want to download one of the best racing games for your Android? Then we can say that Touch The Wall Mod Apk is one of the best racing games to play on Android and to get back your childhood memories. The developer of this game is Voodoo.

Game Control:

Touch the wall is one of the updated racing game to the game we played on our childhood. In this game, the gamers main role is to avoid the light of the lamp and participate in the racing. While you are racing in the track it looks similar to that you are running on the road with the traffic signal lights. In the racing after observing the green light, the gamers have to run with high speed. To start racing in the game the gamers have to just hold the screen tightly so as to stop the racing a release the screen to continue racing.


After the green light changing to red color, the gamer has to stop the racing so as to escape from the supervisor. But the supervisor in this game is very genius and active so it is difficult for the gamers to escape from the supervisor’s eye. The supervisor with a single site scans all the total players like a scanner. The supervisor scans the players in the form of a red light which scans the total track area if you observe the red light you have to stand like a statue.

Different type of Obstacles:

The supervisor after scanning the total area the red light targets a single person then the remained person has to stand like a statue. So, in order to escape from all these obstacles, the gamer has to keep in mind to run slowly. In this gameplay, there are different types of obstacles so if you want to win the racing you have to be very careful and alert.

To win in the game the gamer has to touch the final nad get rid of different types of obstacles that are along the track. The different types of obstacles that are available in this game are cannons, balloons, boxing gloves, and falling rocks. To participate and win in this game the gamer has to use his special skills and ways.


Every race there are a lot of checkpoints for the gamer to overcome. After starting the racing if you are caught by a supervisor then you need to return back to the starting point simply you have to go the nearest checkpost that you crossed. By this feature, you can save your time. To win in this game the fastness is not the matter to win you have to think wisely and be alert while playing.


Touch the wall is one of the easiest games to play on your Android in your leisure time. Every game their different starting points to start the racing. The gamer has to touch the wall to win the race. The gamer has to think and be alert to win the game. Let us share and download Touch The Wall Mod MOD APK or Touch the wall Mod MOD APK for free. Here is the Link Below.

Download Touch The Wall Mod(MOD & Original APK)

  • Touch The Wall Mod for Android                             APK -v2.2.3
  • Touch The Wall Mod for Android                            APK (Free Shopping) -v2.2.3


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