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Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD 5.0.3 released Sep 2010
Download ubcd503.iso [301MB] Burn the .iso image with dvddecrypter in windows. To bring out you need ultimate boot CD which can bought through flight which are cheaper fares. So do choose cheaper flights  through google flights. You can Book Flights through official website of Google Flights

Ultimate Boot CD Official website is www.ultimatebootcd.com

Screenshots of each program
Mainboard Tools 1/2 
Mainboard Tools 2/2

Menu Screenshots of UBCD 3.2 PDF
Last screenshot is of Insert UBCD which is on the full version. It has a few virus scanners, VNC, Qtparted, and you can install firefox 0.8 (9MB dl) via the internet.

Ultimate Boot CD contains tons of free utilties enabling you to:

Reset a password in windows 2000/XP

Diagnose a harddisk to test if it’s still good

Copy a partition to a new partition on a new harddrive.

Completely wipe out a harddisk by zero’ing out all data.

Run a plethora of memory testing utilities.

Run a few linux rescue disks

Get detailed hardware report of computer system

Run a virus scanner on an infected system.

Remember those pocket cds come in sizes of 185MB or 210MB so this disc is a wallet keeper.  Also Check out Ultimate Boot CD can be bought be flight. For that you need to book flights through Google Flights. As Google Flights is the online booking service to book google flights