How To Download Ultimate Boot CD and Use it ?

Ultimate Boot CD 5.1.1 released Aug 2011
Download ubcd511.iso [360MB] Burn the .iso image with dvddecrypter in windows.

Ultimate Boot CD Official website is

Screenshots of each program
Mainboard Tools 1/2 
Mainboard Tools 2/2

Menu Screenshots of UBCD 3.2 PDF

Last screenshot is of Insert UBCD which is on the full version. It has a few virus scanners, VNC, Qtparted, and you can install firefox 0.8 (9MB dl) via the internet.

Ultimate Boot CD contains tons of free utilties enabling you to:

Reset a password in windows 2000/XP

Diagnose a harddisk to test if it’s still good

Copy a partition to a new partition on a new harddrive.

Completely wipe out a harddisk by zero’ing out all data.

Run a plethora of memory testing utilities.

Run a few linux rescue disks

Get detailed hardware report of computer system

Run a virus scanner on an infected system.